Sébastien tellier sexual sportswear

The first "taster" from the album was "Sexual Sportswear", which was revealed on Tellier's Myspace page. [7] He described the instrumental track as "a direct combination of what I was doing before and what Guy-Man can do." [8] When questioned on the two seemingly strangely juxtaposed words in the title, Tellier replied: "In my own sexual fantasies I always think about women in sportswear. I like women in sports pants and prefer peeling them off women to lifting up their skirts." [9]


With his mane of hair, his luxuriant beard and his mass of elegantly perverse ideas, Sébastien Tellier seems to embody the image of the modern French music star grappling to come to terms with the outer trappings of the music business and his own inner workings. Right from the start of his career, Tellier has sought to find some sort of balance between commercial success and personal peace and quiet, striving towards a way of making himself a household name without succumbing to celebrity syndrome. Some of you may wonder whether Sexuality is an attempt to recapture the mainstream success Tellier enjoyed with La Ritournelle , but the man in question replies that this is not the greatest of his concerns. If there’s one thing Sébastien Tellier is interested in it’s wrongfooting fans and critics on his albums and serving up something radically different each time. “The way I see it,” he says, “the ultimate chance in sex is bisexuality. And that’s an idea I’ve always defended in my music. I’m into the idea of keeping an open mind at all times and enjoying all possible pleasures - in music as well as in life!”

Sébastien Tellier Sexual SportswearSébastien Tellier Sexual SportswearSébastien Tellier Sexual SportswearSébastien Tellier Sexual Sportswear