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Baci was the only son from Casper and Crystal, our alphas of 14 years. He was a beautiful pure white Ellesmere Island Arctic wolf who I raised from the day he was born. As a young cub, he was big, beautiful, strong, and very loving. For the first year of his life, he lived with his sister, Wapithe, and Hache Hi’. It was sad when we had to separate them at 1-1/2 years o Read More

"Empty Vessels" is such a feel good tune to start with the guitar playing over top. Vocals join in. A calm around 2 1/2 minutes then it turns heavier. I must admit ANEKDOTEN comes to mind a lot during this track. "All Returns" starts off in a dark mood and builds until it kicks in with guitar out front. A catchy melody follows then it settles right down as the vocals arrive. Fuzzed out guitar 2 minutes in that sounds amazing as the vocals stop. He's ripping it up then it settles back with that catchy melody once again as themes are repeated. Great tune ! "When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate" is passionate a minute in with backing vocals adding to the pleasure. As per usual the tempo and mood shifts throughout this song as well. I love the instrumental break starts at 4 minute mark and continues for almost 2 1/2 minutes to end the song. Another fantastic track. "Athol" is laid back and almost trippy to start. It kicks into another gear a minute in with vocals to follow. Catchy stuff. Very cool lyrics too. It turns dramatic 3 1/2 minutes in and I have to mention the excellent drumming too on this one. "Hesperus" is another song where the lyrics take us back to a day long ago. The contrasts of the mellow and heavier sections make this one of my favourites on here. Again the backing vocals add so much to the music. Just a pleasure. "Answer" features guitar melodies that sound amazing then it settles in with vocals. Those guitar melodies will come and go as contrasts continue. "Thief" is such a cool story about a thief of high renown who has been captured. Folk music at it's best right here. "NRR" is bombastic to start then it the tempo picks up. Vocals just before a minute as that urgent rhythm continues. The vocals will come and go. This one rocks out pretty good at times. Not being the biggest fan of Folk music this did take a few spins before I connected with it but now you can count me as one of the pack. Just a great album. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Wolf People Wolf People - SinglesWolf People Wolf People - SinglesWolf People Wolf People - SinglesWolf People Wolf People - Singles